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Workforce Recruitment & Training

A strong partnership among the Grenada County Economic Development District, the Mississippi WIN Job Center, and Holmes Community College allows us to meet the workforce needs of existing and new companies quickly. The EDD and its partners will assist you in attracting, training, and updating the skills of your workforce as you grow and prosper in Grenada County.

What are existing companies saying about Grenada's Workforce?

 "Amazing institutional knowledge in our manufacturing specialty"

"Willing to be trained and very trainable

"With our workforce, Grenada is the innovation center for our company." 

"Skilled, dedicated workforce"

"Our team of employees is one of the best in our industry and continues to set us apart from our competition."

"The strength of the area workforce is the availability of employees and their willingness to work."

"Many of our employees have been with us for more than 10 years."

"Thanks to our employees, our Grenada facility is one of the most productive inour corporation and consistently turns out quality product for our company."

"The commitment and productivity of our employees make Grenada a strategic location for our company."

“Engaged and care about the quality of their work”
“They want to make a difference, not just punch a clock”
“Strong sense of ownership for their work”
“Many employees with perfect attendance”

Source: Employer interviews, 2015 & 2016

Programs Available:

  • Recruitment and Screeing of Job Applicants
  • Applicant Assessment and Credentialing
  • Pre- Employment Training
    • During the employee hiring process, the community college may provide a period of pre-employment training consisting of mutually agreed upon related instruction and as much actual skill training as practical.
  • Post-Employment Training
  • Company Based Training
    • Customized training is designed to meet a specific business need. It includes curriculum development as well as instruction by community college trainer.
  • Vendor / Industry Training
    • The company may be reimbursed for up to $35 per hour for salary of instructor (company employee, equipment vendor, other subject matter expert) when the college does not provide the training needed.
  • Train the Trainer 
    • A company may be reimbursed for limited travel costs associated with training employees in a discipline not currently available through the community college.
  • Project Support
  • On-the-Job Training (OJT) 
    • Provides reimbursement for training done on the job for new hires based on a negotiated agreement between the company and the WIN Job Center.

Holmes Community College Industrial Technology Complex
The Holmes Community College Industrial Technology Complex is the result of an unprecedented community effort in partnership with Holmes Community College; Opened in 2000, the technology complex works closely with existing companies to develop and implement training programs that meet their needs.

  • Multimedia-equipped seminar and training room for 80 people
  • Hydraulics Lab
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) Lab
  • Automation Lab
  • Mechanical Systems Lab
  • Electricity Lab
  • CNC programming Lab
  • Machine Shop
  • Welding Shop
  • AutoCAD & CATIA V5
  • Software training
  • First Aid & CPR
  • Industrial Safety, Maintenance, & Automation