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Success Stories

Ice Industries expands in Grenada for the 7th time

Formerly know as Grenada Stamping & Assembly, Ice Industries serves a number of worldwide markets in a variety of sectors.

Sawmill expands, 30 jobs, $6 million investment

Fly Timber Company, a 35-year-old Grenada-based timber processing company, identified the opportunity to diversify its customer base and create new markets for the Grenada County area's vast hardwood forests.

Perma R Products expands, first to use local small industry incentive program

Perma R Products is a stable fixture in the Grenada County industrial community, manfacturing a variety of expanded polystyrene (EPS) technology products for the building and packaging industries.

Hankins Lumber Company re-opens, re-hires employees, expands

Hankins Lumber Company, incorporated in 1972 and headquartered in Grenada County, produces a variety of lumber and related products for commercial and residential clients throughout the state and the U.S.

City Government's fast response facilitates expansion by Grenada Stamping & Assembly

Grenada Stamping & Assembly is a Tier 1 supplier to Nissan in the U.S., Mexico and Japan, and a Tier 2 supplier to Ford Motor Co.

Vitro America LLC expands with support from City of Grenada

Vitro America is an acknowledged leader in the fabrication and distribution of architectural glass and aluminum products.

Grenada Lake Medical Center Renovation 

Grenada Lake Medical Center (GLMC) is a state-of-the-art health care facility with world-class healthcare services for Grenada and surrounding counties.