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Natural Gas


 Natural Gas Providers



Atmos Energy

(888) 286-6700

For industrial users, call

Lance Coe, (601) 693-6331


  • Commercial Service
  • Automated Meter Reading
  • Large Volume Customer Reports

Columbia Gulf Transmission

(713) 267-4100

As interstate transporters of natural gas, the NiSource Gas Transmission & Storage companies offer a variety of services to local gas distribution companies and high volume users of natural gas.

Transportation Services

  • Firm Transportation Service (FTS)
  • Firm No-Notice Transportation Service (NTS)
  • Storage Service Transportation (SST)
  • Off-Peak Transportation (OPT)
  • Interruptible Transportation Service (ITS)

Storage Services

  • Firm Storage Service (FSS)
  • Storage In Transit (SIT)
  • Interruptible Storage Service (ISS)

Other Services

  • Aggregation Service (AS)
  • Interruptible Paper Pool Service (IPP)
  • Parking and Lending Service (PAL)

Source: Atmos Energy 2016, Columbia Gulf Transmission (updated September 2016)