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Labor Costs

Employment Taxes & Mandated Benefits

Tax / Benefit

Rate / Basis

Administering Agency

Unemployment Insurance

Tax rates for employers vary from 0.2% to 5.4%. Taxes are paid on the first $14,000.00 of wages for each employee each year, and are due on or before the last day of the month immediately after the calendar quarter.In addition to state unemployment taxes, certain federal taxes are generally due. Information on the federal unemployment taxes may be secured from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This info only applies to State of Mississippi unemployment taxes.

Mississippi Dept of Employment Security

Family Leave

Employers of 50 or more employees required to provide up to 12 weeks job-protected, unpaid leave to employees who have worked for at least 12 months and for 1,250 hours when seriously ill; or to care for a new child, or a seriously ill child, spouse, or parent. (2006)

National Center for Children in Poverty

Source: Mississippi Dept. of Employment Security, 2014; National Center for Children in Poverty 2006 Data  (updated 2014)