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Grenada's Corporate Citizen of the Year

The award is designed to recognize local for profit companies (industrial and non-industrial) for its role in improving the local economy through job creation and private investment, personnel development, and above­and-beyond corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Nominees will be separated in two categories: Fewer than 100 employees and more than 100 employees. A company can self nominate or can be nominated by other members of the business community, non-profit entities, and the public. The Grenada Economic Development District will notify nominees iand the winners will be announced at a special recognition luncheon in October and recognized at the EDD annual meeting .

 A committee of representatives of the business, non-profit, educational, and economic development sectors will select the winners.

Grenada Corporate Citizen of the Year Award

Job Growth & Private Investment 
Increase in full time employees and private investment in the last 3 years.

Human Resources Best Practices
Programs or methodologies implemented in the business that differentiate the way they support the professional development and overall well being of their employees.

Community Support & Charitable Activities
Programs or policies implemented by the business to encourage community involvement by their employees (including management) and the charitable donations (in cash or i n-kind) presented to local non-profit organizations in the last 3 years to support the community well being of Grenada and its citizens.

The nomination form is on the reverse side. We encourage you to submit information on those companies you feel should receive this most prestigious honor. Also, attach any additional documentation to support your nominee. Submit sealed nominations to:

Grenada Economic Development District
GCCY Award Nomination
2000 Gateway Street, Suite 140 
Grenada, Mississippi 38901

Click here to view document and nomination form PDF