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Existing Businesses

Existing businesses are Grenada's # 1 priority.

The Grenada County Economic Development District recognizes the importance of existing businesses and works closely with them to address their needs and help them succeed in our community. Through close collaboration with local, regional, state, and federal economic development allies, Grenada County makes available training and other sought-after resources to facilitate the growth of our existing businesses.

Whether your business is expanding or struggling, the Grenada County Economic Development District will work to help you or direct you to the services you need. For assistance, contact us at (662) 229-9502 or at info@grenadameansbusiness.com

Economic Development District Services:

1. Site location assistance
2. Assistance obtaining incentives, grants, and support from local and state sources
3. Partnership with the Mississippi Development Authority
4. Workforce recruitment
5. Pre-employment and post-employment training
6. Expedited permitting
7. Demographic and labor information
8. Partnership with local utility companies
9. Export development support
10. Manufacturing training