Agracel Speculative Building
445 American Way
Grenada, MS, 38901
Pablo Diaz, CEcD
Janie Mortimer
Property For: Sale or Lease
Sale Pricing Option
Actual Price: $3,200,000.00
Lease Pricing Option
Cost Description: $3.50 S.F. / Triple Net
Actual Price per Month: $24,500
Actual Price per Year: $294,000
Agracel Speculative Building
Property Details
Zoning Type: Industrial
Acreage: 20
Rail Access: Yes
Rail Provider: Grenada Railroad, LLC
Building Type: Manufacturing
Nearest Interstate Distance: 2.5 Miles
Ceiling Height: 32 ft.
Number of Parking Spaces: 0
Office Sq. Footage: 0 SF
Retail Sq. Footage: 0 SF
Space Divisible To: 0 SF
Warehouse Sq. Footage: 0 SF
Manufacturing Sq. Footage: 84,000 SF
Total Square Footage: 84,000 SF
Year Built: 2017
Building Dimensions: 200 X 420
Construction Type: Metal Building
Overhead Crane 1 Capacity: Yes
Column Spacing: 30 X 50 ft.
Number of High Loading Docks: 4
Sprinkler System: Yes
Date Available: January 1, 2017
Previous Use: None
Electricity Service Provider: Tennessee Valley Authority / TVEPA
Electricity Supply: 220 volt
Phase: Phase III
Number of independent sources: One
Water Supply Provider: City of Grenada
Water Supply: 12 inch
Maximum Capacity Available: 1.4e+06
Sewer Service Provider: City of Grenada
Sewer Service: 12 inch
Agracel Speculative Building
Additional Information

Download property borchure for more information: Download PDF