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Auto Parts Industry

Located in the heart of the southern automotive corridor , and within a two hour drive from both Nissan and Toyota, Grenada is a perfect location for tier one and two suppliers. Grenada offers non-union highly skilled workforce in metal working and manufacturing.

Automotive Highlights

  • Nissan, Toyota, PACCAR, and Mercedes-Benz assembly plants within 200 mile radius
  • Low Overall Cost of Doing Business
  • Skilled metal workers with work ethic for quality production
  • Access to industry innovation resources/universities
  • Access to the Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems and the Polymer Research Institute

A Strategic Location
Grenada is directly located on I-55 and is within a two hour drive from Nissan, PACCAR and Toyota. Grenada is also within a 200 mile radius from the Mercedes-Benz assembly plant.

Mississippi's highways are ranked among the four best in the country and the best in the southeastern United States. I-55 runs north and south, providing access to major markets like Chicago, St. Louis, Memphis and New Orleans.

A Skilled & Trained Workforce
Grenada has  been a hub for manufacturing for decades. With more than 32 percent of employment concentrated in the manufacturing sector, Grenada's workforce is well educated and highly trained to meet the needs of your Automotive company. 

Grenada is home to Holmes Community College, provides quick access to 4 universities and offers you access to a multitude of resources including the Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems, and the Polymer Research Institute, to ensure our workforce is prepared to meet your needs.

A Positive Business Climate
Grenada offers a positive and supportive business climate. Low cost of doing business, highly skilled workforce, award wining schools and constant support from the community are some of the reasons companies move and stay in Grenada for decades. The State of Mississippi and the community can also offer incentives for qualified businesses to locate in Grenada.

Download a Business Case for this Industry.  (PDF, 412 KB)